Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Snow Dragons

The quest/map "Snow Dragons" contains the second star, or, your 5th character.
/ Second /
/ Star /
To find the second star, you must first head north to the area with an Inn. once you are there, head right 1, down 1. You will see trees blocking the sourthern path, however, you can pass through it diagonally Do so, and you will find a western path blocked by some trees. Bomb them, and you get some gold and a star. (I advise you get a Warrior character, because I was stupid and got a mage, only to find that he kept dying because there was no one to guard him.)


  1. What did you get for the first star?! I picked knight... and I'm thinking Bkut another archer for the fifth guy. Do you think that's a good plan? I mostly just like the range and protection. ^_^

  2. hmm.. I picked all knights. I did this on the thought that one melee character can only protect 1 ranged character. I've actually tried having more 2 Knights, 1 archer, and 2 mages. My extra-mage kept dying, so I decided to start over.

  3. How do you get the two gold, and the warp?

  4. You can get to the 3 piles of Gold with the warp by touching the random cactus in the same room. Welcome! :)