Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday! The Invisibles and Portal Panic

It's monday, and no new maps have been released yet. The reason is that Fromahead has been quite recently lately. The improved v1.1 of Tapquest got rejected by Apple, so they're working on that. That, and TapQuestII, which will released near december. So give Fromahead some slack :)

EDIT: Maps invisibles and portal panic are released! Fromahead took awhile because they had to test the maps first. screeneys will be posted later.

Steven said...

In portal panic the enemies are harder to beat..the portal combo you need to use is right, left, down, down.. then walk to your left and the crystal will be in the next area.
make sure you've got potions for there is no inn or potion shop..cheers

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Map Release! Ring Hunt and Bug Battle

Ring Hunt- just as the title says; hunt the rings. You will find them protected by ursa , ogres, and dragons.
The uber-strong Black Ogres die instantly if bombed.

/Exp Chart/
Sub-Boss/ Black Ogre - 300 exp crystals (weakness: bombs)
Green Dragon (projectile) - 100 exp crystals
Brown Ursa (combat) - 200 exp crystals
Red Dragon (combat) - 200 exp crystals

Bug Battle- the sequel to "Evil Twins Battle" These swarms of bugs gives 80 exp crystals each.

Area 4- Saftey Zone: Inn and Potions Shop

/Exp Chart/
Termites (area1,8) - 50 exp crystals
Blue Beatles (area2,5,6,8) - 50 exp crystals
Bomber Bugs (area3,6,8) - 60 exp crystals (spawns ticking-bombs)
Violet/Evil Eyes (area5,8) - 80 exp crystals (area5 spawns BBeatles1expc)
Earthworms (area7,8) - 60 exp crystals

Photobucket --->

New link : http://picasaweb.google.com/adrian.mui/TapQuestMaps?feat=directlink

My photobucket bandwith use exceeded 10 GB, I don't know how that happened, but I got an email saying that the photos put in the account will be disabled until the 5th of next month. I don't know if this is true, I can view it just fine (as guest). Comment or email me if you have problems. adrian.mui@gmail.com

Notice: Sorry for not putting up the new map stats. I know these two maps are long and fun, and once I get the freetime to do It i will (possible today, tomorrow, or friday)

watch out for the weekly wednesday map releases.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday! Ring Hunt and Bug Battle

Adrian Smith, FromAhead

I've uploaded two new maps for this week. I made one quest (Ring Hunt) a little longer than usual since last week only had one quest. It also has never before seen badguys :). I'll send you the map layouts midweek, probably Wednesday. Happy Monday!

NOTE: I'll be giving screenshots and monster info later this day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Share An iPhone App

Normally, we get 2 quests per week! It's near Friday, and we still haven't gotten our second quest of the week! >.< "share an Iphone App" game!

I recommend Flight Control. It's a fun game where you compete with your friends and online to see who can land the most planes. There IS a bluetooth mode so you can work together with others to create a high score. It has steady updates and is great for passing time.

Definitely worth the ($0.99)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday! Skeleton Cave Release

It's monday and again, only 1 quest is released again.

Basically, the map is filled with Skeletons with three different elements: Fire, Ice, and Earth/Poison.

Blaze Skeleton- HIGH DMG 100 exp crystals
Freeze Skeleton- SLOWDOWN 100 exp crystals
Nature Skeletons
-poison effect/spawn bugs 10 exp crystals

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Update! TapQuest 2

Quote From : Adrian Smith, Fromahead

"Sorry to take to so long to get back to you. I've been pretty busy. As far as what's happening in the world of Tap Quest, there are two things to be on the look out for. We are submitting an update to Tap Quest tonight. Don't get too excited as it's mostly bug fixes. However, taps should be more responsive in the new version. We will also be experimenting with different ad placement. The second thing is that we are working on the design for Tap Quest II. Tap Quest II will be a major overhaul on the original Tap Quest. Tap Quest II will hopefully be available by christmas and will be a premium app (probably $0.99). We're not sure of all the details yet, but we'll keep you posted. "

So a short wrap-up, we will be getting a new and better improved TapQuest (bug-fixes) version by the start of next week. Also, in 2-3 months, after all the quests are released and all 50 red crystals are obtainable, TapQuest II will be released at the price of ($0.99) maybe

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Map Release! Spark Dungeon and Ogre Forest

I forgot to ask Fromahead this week, so they sent it in kind of late. Here are SparkDungeon and OgreForest(3rdStar)

Spark Dungeon-
/ Exp Chart /
Spark Red - 100 exp crystals
Spark Blue - 100 exp crystals
Red Warrior - 80 exp crystals
Evil Eye - 70 exp crystals

A good alternative, Spark Dungeon gives as much exp crystals per second as Shallow Waters.

Ogre Forest-

Nothing much to say here, except that the 6th star is located here. Most people have already found it. If not, then just try roaming around. What bugs me the most is that the monsters here give little exp crystals but do good damage on you. Running away is a good tactic too.

Things are Pretty Busy

I have high school, and posts will come slower than the norm. Fromahead forgot to send me the latest maps, so itt'll come either today or tomorrow. Keep a lookout for new quests, for they come out on monday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Confirmed! Level up Experience Crystal Rate

I chatted with Fromahead and they confirmed to me that the level up experience crystals rate is 180%. So just find out how many total levels your characters have, find the number from our list to the side, and multiply it by 1.8. Subtract it by how many exp crystals you have on you. Boom, congrats, you are ----- away from leveling up!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Late Release! Ogre Island

Ogre Island contains the 3rd star, your 6th character
EDIT: the monsters on this map is not worth recording. So yeah...
By : sjleiben

3rd Star, from the Red Crystal room, go
left one, up one, right one, up one area.
There are a lot of monsters here, so you might need to use a red potion to bring them down quickly. Once the last monster falls, a secret door will appear. Enter to get your star.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday! Spark Dungeon Release

This week, only 1 quest has been released, SparkDungeon. I believe that Fromahead will release the map around Wednesday night, to let players finish it first. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to give out a full guide to this map (monsters, exp crystals, etc) Stay tuned!
/ Exp Chart /
Spark Red - 100 exp crystals
Spark Blue - 100 exp crystals
Red Warrior - 80 exp crystals
Evil Eye - 70 exp crystals

Overall, I think Spark Dungeons is a good alternative to Shallow Waters. Spark Dungeon provides a fast way to gain exp crystals, while in the meantime not wasting away all your blue potions. Shallow Waters truly does give the fastest and most exp crystals, however, only a bit more and monster attacks are too strong.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, there's alot of things I'd like to add to this blog, but as you can see, I'm running out of head-space room. Can anyone recommend me a good-solid-nice-looking theme that is suitable for a Tapquest blog?

Big Release! TapQuest Maps

All the maps were sent to me | Sat, Sep 5, 2009 at 3:02 PM |
EDIT: As you can see, the images are posted up on top of the site as a slideshow. You can view and download them as you wish here
Notice: There hasn't been a 6th star. YET.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Shallow Waters- Power leveling

Evil twins battle used to give the fastest and most exp crystals. However, this map gives more.
/ Exp Chart /
Invis. Dragon - 60 exp crystals
Indig.Octopus - 60 exp crystals
Leeches - 50 exp crystals
Evil Eye- 40 exp crystals

Total EXP | 2750 exp crystals

3 Octopi, 1 Dragon, 1 Eyeball | 280 Exp Crystals
A-2| Resting Area, Spawn Point, heal and head out| 0 Exp Crystals
A-3| 2 Leeches, 2 Octopi, 1 Dragons | 280 Exp Crystals
B-1| 2 Leeches, 2 Octopi, 1 Dragons | 280 Exp Crystals
B-2| 2 Leeches, 2 Octopi, 1 Dragons, 1 Eyeball | 320 Exp Crystals
B-3| 1 Leeches, 3 Octopi, 2 Dragons | 350 Exp Crystals
C-1| 2 Leeches, 2 Octopi, 1 Dragons | 320 Exp Crystals
C-2| 2 Leeches, 2 Octopi, 1 Dragons, 1 Eyeball | 320 Exp Crystals
C-3| 3 Leeches, 8 Dragons | 630 Exp Crystals

Each area gets harder as the letter/number goes down. A-3 is harder and gives more exp crystals than A-1; C-3 is harder (extremely) and gives more exp crystals than C-1; C-3 is harder (extremely) and gives more exp crystals than A-3 with the expection of A-2, the resting area/spawn point.

The killing and exp crystal gaining rate fantastic and alot quicker than Evil Twins Battle. However, the monsters are harder, and you only gain 2 Gold per batch. You have to use your blue potions wisely and efficiently. (Red potions help too!)

Tip #2 Level Up! Exp crystal requirements

Levels 1-13 recorded By "fisty" from app store reviews. I added levels 14, 15, and the % increase of exp crystals per level. 17 by Revjim, and 18 +19 by Anon.

For now, I think it's safe to say that the rate of increase in exp crystals per level ranges around 180%.

level up exp crystals needed
1. 18 (n/a%)
2. 33 (183%)
3. 59 (179%)
4. 105 (178%)
5. 189 (180%)
6. 341 (180%)
7. 615 (180%)
8. 1103 (179%)
9. 1984 (180%)
10. 3573 (180%)
11. 6345 (176%)
12. 11569 (182%)
13. 20827 (180%)

14. 37600 (180%)
15. 67400 (179%)
16. 121440(180%) recorded by: RevJim
17. 218600 (180%)
393500 (180%)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Map Release! Lava Labrinth and Shallow Waters

Alright! Fromahead just sent me the latest quest maps, Lava Lab and Shallow Waters. What's more, I also got news from them that the previous maps will be sent to me this weekend. (well, they'll try :P) There has been rumour going on whether snow maze quest contains the 6th star, so in a few days, we'll find out. Getting back to the point, here are your long-awaited maps.

EDIT: Sorry about the quality, I had to use Zamzar to convert it from adobe to JPEG.
EDIT: Fromahead sent me a better quality image, so I'm uploading the now.

Lava Labyrinth

Shallow Waters (small map)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Updates: 1 notice, 1 fun fact

Notice: If by the end of today I do not recieve notice from Fromahead, I will email them asking for the maps. Remember, them sending us maps is a privilege, not a given. Maps are released.

Fun Fact: TapQuest has been out for a few weeks. Looking at red crystals, so far, we can all obtain up to 22/50 of them. There are 28 crystals, 28 quests left in the game. 2 new quests are released every monday. This means that there are only 14 weeks left of updates. There's about 4 weeks in every month, 14/4 = 3.5. In conclusion, there are only 3-4 months left of updates for Tapquest.