Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Updates: 1 notice, 1 fun fact

Notice: If by the end of today I do not recieve notice from Fromahead, I will email them asking for the maps. Remember, them sending us maps is a privilege, not a given. Maps are released.

Fun Fact: TapQuest has been out for a few weeks. Looking at red crystals, so far, we can all obtain up to 22/50 of them. There are 28 crystals, 28 quests left in the game. 2 new quests are released every monday. This means that there are only 14 weeks left of updates. There's about 4 weeks in every month, 14/4 = 3.5. In conclusion, there are only 3-4 months left of updates for Tapquest.


  1. With yesterday's updates I now have 22 crystals. Even less TapQuest to go for me. Sniff. I love this game

  2. Oh thanks for catching the mistake! I edited the post to correct the math errors.

  3. or. he might just add to the limit...