Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Quests coming out tomorrow!

Hip-hip-hooray! New quests tomorrow! I don't know IF or WHEN fromahead will send me the maps of the latest quests but I promise once I receive them I will post them up right away. In the mean-time, try beating the quest on your own or do something else like lie in bed thinking about tapquest.

EDIT: Lava Labrinth and Shallow Waters are now out for download!

Friday, August 28, 2009


TapQuest has so much potential. It's the best retro-rpg out there in the app store! I think FromAhead should start developing a TapQuest2 pay-version app that fullfills some of the requests made by fans.

-individual character stats (hp,mp,exp picture sidebar)
-more classes (unlockable classes too)
-mini-jobs inside quests
-1 character leading/command function
-individual special attack and team special attack (depending on who is leading and what class)

For the next stage of TapQuest, I would pay $5-$10

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8/24 Monday 2 New Quests

EDIT: you're wondering why i posted something 2 days late, that's because i'm stupid
I myself haven't completed them yet, (because my Itouch got wiped) but soon will. Here are maps of the two latest quests: Deadly Forest, Winding Waterway. If you want to look at them, here they are. Tell your friends about this.

Deadly Forest
scorpions are bugs. >.>
Winding Waterway

Great News

The TapQuest people took notice of this blog! Wow! I mean, I've always wanted them to notice this, but I would never of thought so soon. I feel great, and I, even more now, want to keep this blog going. Please tell your other tapquest friends about this blog, so that it can become something big!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


On the top right area (boss map), bomb Captain Everett's grave located on the bottom row. You will find stairs leading to some gold.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tip #1 The Green Crystal Indicates Exp

You DO get exp from challenging the same quest more than once. In fact, even when exiting quest when you are not finished, you still keep your gained experience, gold, and/or items.

If you want to level quick, or power level, just keep doing the Evil Twins Battle map. Each mage, archer, or warrior enemy gives:
-30 experience crystals
-20 gold coins per drop
The mages map gives 300 exp crystals
The warriors map gives 210 exp crystals
The archers map gives 240 exp crystals
The mixed-enemies map gives 210 exp crystals

EDIT: Each quests overkills it's predecessor exp crystal gain-wise. It is recommended that you just do the latest quest easiest and fastest for you.

Boss- Graveyard

/ Boss- Red Ghost
/Do not Disturb the Grave /

Go to Graveyard, and go to the north-east area. Bomb
the grave on the top-right corner and Red Ghost comes
out.You only have one chance, so if you really want to win,
-Have at least 20 levels of experience
-Have over 30+ blue potions
(Note: I took it to the extreme and bought 100 blue pots)



How-to-Get: Jungle Boots
First, head all the way right of the map. Then, go down. Stop at the second to last area and scatter your characters to the forest on the RIGHT side. You will find stairs leading to jungle boots. (Just have your character walk on the space to expose the stairs.)

2 Treasure chests, 2 bombs, and 4 potions
From the area where you found the boots, go down 1 left 1. You will see clearly a body of water. Touch randomly the right side of the body. Your characters will comply, and walk across the shallowy water, uncovering another set of stairs. It leads to treasure, bombs, and potions.

Deadly Dungeon

This isn't actually a secret, but I'd bet some people passed through it without glance. I know I did.

There are 4 levels on this map
|#G1 (ground floor) | As you progress through G-1, you will go across a yellow scar
|#G-1 (floor under G1) | on the floor. Bomb it, and stairs appear leading to gold and pots.
|#G-2 (floor under G-1)|
|#G-3 (floor under g-2) |

Snow Dragons

The quest/map "Snow Dragons" contains the second star, or, your 5th character.
/ Second /
/ Star /
To find the second star, you must first head north to the area with an Inn. once you are there, head right 1, down 1. You will see trees blocking the sourthern path, however, you can pass through it diagonally Do so, and you will find a western path blocked by some trees. Bomb them, and you get some gold and a star. (I advise you get a Warrior character, because I was stupid and got a mage, only to find that he kept dying because there was no one to guard him.)

Hi All

Not too long ago, the game TapQuest was released for the iphone and itouch. I downloaded, played it, and found it very fun. I read all its reviews, and found many people needed help finding secret entrances, items, etc. This blog will display all the tips and secrets I know. If you have any information to share, email adrian.mui@gmail.com, or post!