Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tip #1 The Green Crystal Indicates Exp

You DO get exp from challenging the same quest more than once. In fact, even when exiting quest when you are not finished, you still keep your gained experience, gold, and/or items.

If you want to level quick, or power level, just keep doing the Evil Twins Battle map. Each mage, archer, or warrior enemy gives:
-30 experience crystals
-20 gold coins per drop
The mages map gives 300 exp crystals
The warriors map gives 210 exp crystals
The archers map gives 240 exp crystals
The mixed-enemies map gives 210 exp crystals

EDIT: Each quests overkills it's predecessor exp crystal gain-wise. It is recommended that you just do the latest quest easiest and fastest for you.


  1. what do u mean by mages and archers map?P.S im playing tap quest right now!

  2. At Evil twins battle there are three areas you have to go in order to extinguish the fire. those three areas contain enemies respectively warriors, mages, and archers.

  3. is there a "trick" to getting out of a replayed level if you've already picked up the crystal? If you've cleared all the bad guys again, how do you exit back to the main menu? (or have I stupidly lost my game...)

  4. Click on the pause button in the upper left and exit quest. You still keep everything you gained.

  5. how do you beat the jungle 2 level? i cant get to the last island where the esit is...

  6. i downloaded this game but the app tries to start then sends me right back to my i phone main screen... It wont let me play it....Is it because i still have the original iphone?

  7. in moutian trail theres this one place where u loot some golg at the end of the level but the problem is that i cant get in due 2 itrer certin spod not bombd or unable 2 find the darn it all door way XD plz help me its driving me nuts

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