Friday, August 28, 2009


TapQuest has so much potential. It's the best retro-rpg out there in the app store! I think FromAhead should start developing a TapQuest2 pay-version app that fullfills some of the requests made by fans.

-individual character stats (hp,mp,exp picture sidebar)
-more classes (unlockable classes too)
-mini-jobs inside quests
-1 character leading/command function
-individual special attack and team special attack (depending on who is leading and what class)

For the next stage of TapQuest, I would pay $5-$10


  1. meh. i like it the way it is. just keep addeing maps and maybe an exp bar lol.

  2. but wouldn't you want something more? Like custom looks and stuff like that. I'm not saying they should release it now. They can't actually, because they would be splitting their fans/customers in two groups when a community hasn't even hached yet. I mean they should maybe think about it when TapQuest is given more time to shine in the app store and attract more players.

  3. if it was rated 4 average im pretty sure it would be in the top 50

  4. there are alot of things rated 4 stars or higher that is not on the top50. Mostly because there is so much junk/ lites! apps in the FREE app section that the whole ranking system is messed to hell.

  5. yea i thought i was the only one who noticed that. the one on itunes is fairly accurate. but the one on the actual iphone is screwy.

  6. keep it free, i mean maybe as it gets pooular you might start chaging maybe a dollar or something, but its free, retro, and we love it!

    maybe add some extra features, being able to see individual stats for each unit or more units would be nice, but once you start charging your going to lose a lot of players