Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday! Ring Hunt and Bug Battle

Adrian Smith, FromAhead

I've uploaded two new maps for this week. I made one quest (Ring Hunt) a little longer than usual since last week only had one quest. It also has never before seen badguys :). I'll send you the map layouts midweek, probably Wednesday. Happy Monday!

NOTE: I'll be giving screenshots and monster info later this day.


  1. Wow ring hunt is the best quest yet. Very difficult but fun. The new brown Sasquatch monsters are real thick skinned. I completed the quest but it seems like there are some secrets I am missing. Those palm trees look suspicious. As well as the dead guy by the small oasis. Tainted water?

  2. there's a secret in a room behind a river. Just go across it.

  3. does anybady now how to compleet jungel 2? i'm trying to do evrything but it isn't working

  4. @anon bomb them and they will instantly die. @mikhail

    First, head all the way right of the map. Then, go down. Stop at the second to last area and scatter your characters to the forest on the RIGHT side. You will find stairs leading to jungle boots. (Just have your character walk on the space to expose the stairs.)

    After you got the jungle boots, you go down one, and keep going left. You will see a river, just tread pass it with your boots (just tap the squares beyond the river) and then follow the path until you see a big locked door. Open it with a key and there's your red crystal.