Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Map Release! Ring Hunt and Bug Battle

Ring Hunt- just as the title says; hunt the rings. You will find them protected by ursa , ogres, and dragons.
The uber-strong Black Ogres die instantly if bombed.

/Exp Chart/
Sub-Boss/ Black Ogre - 300 exp crystals (weakness: bombs)
Green Dragon (projectile) - 100 exp crystals
Brown Ursa (combat) - 200 exp crystals
Red Dragon (combat) - 200 exp crystals

Bug Battle- the sequel to "Evil Twins Battle" These swarms of bugs gives 80 exp crystals each.

Area 4- Saftey Zone: Inn and Potions Shop

/Exp Chart/
Termites (area1,8) - 50 exp crystals
Blue Beatles (area2,5,6,8) - 50 exp crystals
Bomber Bugs (area3,6,8) - 60 exp crystals (spawns ticking-bombs)
Violet/Evil Eyes (area5,8) - 80 exp crystals (area5 spawns BBeatles1expc)
Earthworms (area7,8) - 60 exp crystals


  1. Hey I finished both of those quests but I can not beat snow mave please help

  2. it's easy, just walk down till you can't any more and then to they keep right, easy crystal

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