Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday! Spark Dungeon Release

This week, only 1 quest has been released, SparkDungeon. I believe that Fromahead will release the map around Wednesday night, to let players finish it first. Meanwhile, I'll be trying to give out a full guide to this map (monsters, exp crystals, etc) Stay tuned!
/ Exp Chart /
Spark Red - 100 exp crystals
Spark Blue - 100 exp crystals
Red Warrior - 80 exp crystals
Evil Eye - 70 exp crystals

Overall, I think Spark Dungeons is a good alternative to Shallow Waters. Spark Dungeon provides a fast way to gain exp crystals, while in the meantime not wasting away all your blue potions. Shallow Waters truly does give the fastest and most exp crystals, however, only a bit more and monster attacks are too strong.


  1. Spark Dragon gives more exp crystals then Shallow Waters.

    Ogar Forest is out now too. =D

  2. There is another star to get your sixth character in Ogar Forest!!! =D

  3. where are all of the stars located at!?!?!?

    the ones to get characters????

  4. Spark Dungeon doesn't give as much. it gives more exp per monster, but it takes longer to kill. The exp crystal rate is about the same though.