Saturday, September 12, 2009

Map Release! Spark Dungeon and Ogre Forest

I forgot to ask Fromahead this week, so they sent it in kind of late. Here are SparkDungeon and OgreForest(3rdStar)

Spark Dungeon-
/ Exp Chart /
Spark Red - 100 exp crystals
Spark Blue - 100 exp crystals
Red Warrior - 80 exp crystals
Evil Eye - 70 exp crystals

A good alternative, Spark Dungeon gives as much exp crystals per second as Shallow Waters.

Ogre Forest-

Nothing much to say here, except that the 6th star is located here. Most people have already found it. If not, then just try roaming around. What bugs me the most is that the monsters here give little exp crystals but do good damage on you. Running away is a good tactic too.


  1. Does anyone know how to get the treasure on the island in this stage!

  2. grr, i can't find it either. I wasted all my bombs already!

  3. if u r talking about the blue bug chest and tree place u need to bomb the lower right part so that 1 bomb makes land. and if u need bombs farm evil twin battle for the most gold which is 20 per drop while others are 2 3 or 4

  4. How do i get the star? i bombe the wall and nothing is showing up

  5. fight the room with many monsters and the last monster will spawn a teleportal

  6. thks i got the 3rd star by the way i picked all warriors is that good and is the 18th level the last?