Saturday, October 24, 2009

Map Release! Cloudy FIeld

Cloudy Field

Have fun :)
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  1. hi, i am on Moutain Trail and stuck there!

    I am in the mountain and come to a cavern that is blocked off and bombs don't make a different. There's lots and lots of gold on the right of the screen but i just can't get to them! lol.


  2. pinkconfetti,

    So frustrating. Finally figured it out. Go back out the cavern and go south to the bottom screen (two screens). Bomb the lower left mountain, 3-4 blocks up. It will uncover the entrance to the gold.

  3. hi, i tried what u said and am confused.
    the cavern has lots of gold and 1 blue potion on the right side. the entrace to it is guarded by 2 pots of fire but i can't reach there.

    The only way back out of the cavern is to head north (12 oclock), as i continue heading north, i come across one page where there are 2 shooting creatures at the top left corner and bottom right corner, both creatures are behind more stones. Using archer, I can kill the one of the top left corner and it becomes a stack of gold.

    I tried bomb all around the left mountain but nothing is budging. please please advise.

  4. Simply put, bomb the left of the screen in the first screen when you have entered the mountains.

    From the first screen you head north for 5 squares of green forest, then you head south for 5 squares of gray forest, then you head west into the mountains, in that first mountain screen, bomb away at the west side.