Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rawr! RedHot and Wooden Gates

Two maps were released yesterday, and Wooden Gates interested me the most. Wow at the sheer number of monsters at each screen.

Be ready to bring alot of red potions with you, it will only get worse as you progress. NoteT: the blue bar of hp on my characters are the result of the super shield. The shield acts as an extra layer of health, and can be replenished by blue potions. However, be careful not to let the blue drop all the way down, because it will dissapear afterwards. (That's what happened to both my lvl 1 archers)


  1. Another approach for this level - let your warriors die off.

    If you only have ranged characters, without even directing them they'll pick off the tree monsters one by one without taking any damage.

    Then on each screen you only have to worry about the mobile creatures.

  2. Front let your warriors die, just set the attak to manual and stand in the middle of the screen. Attack the mobile creatures then select your ranged characters (archers only if your magicians are on low health as they sometimes go within range of the trees) and destroy the trees until you find the exit.