Sunday, October 11, 2009

Map Release! Grave Digging and Slayer Dungeon

haha here are your maps :)

Slayer_Dungeon- Slayers can be killed with a bomb, however they are a bit smart and will run from it. They do not respawn and you get 1000 exp crystals.

Grave Diggin' :::::::::::::::::::::::: Slayer_Dungeon


  1. just wanted to say that there´s a shut-down-trap in grave-digging:

    the blue potion in the central screen of the lowest row (from where you go down to the crystal) is a trap - it closes the app when taken.

    and: two new maps out!!!


  2. world tour help plz

  3. The slayers are not invinceable. They are killed instantly with a bomb and never come back. Also, they give you 1000 exp pts, too.

  4. Load up on red potions for world tour. Use 2-3 in each room to weaken the monsters, then power up with blue potions as necessary.

  5. Don't know where to put this so if this is not the right place then I am sorry. But I think that I have a good suggestion. My suggestion is this - when leveling characters they should be done per character and not by the group. It is very annoying try and level a new character who starts out as a 1 based off the level of the group. For an ex.... I just now got my 6th charater and right before that I made it to a lvl up at 393,500 now my next lvl up won't be until I reach 708,300 Exp pts which is fine for my lvl 6 character but for a lvl 1 to become lvl 2, that's aggrivating. Either it should be based on Exp per character or it should be based on what Exp level you are at. What I mean by this if u see my group has 394,000 Exp pts my new character should automatically start at a lvl 4 or 5 so they fit in with the rest of the group. Anyways that's my suggestion. I love this game and I will continue to play no matter what.
    Thank you for making it!

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