Saturday, October 3, 2009

Map Release! The Invisibles and Portal Panic

Here are the latest tap quest maps down below. You can also view all tapquest maps here
From TapQuestMaps

Portal Panic ::

The Invisibles:::


  1. new level "slayer dungeon":
    at the beginning it says, that you shouldn't fight the slayer, cause you can beat them. thats not true, they die after 8 or 9 red potions.

    i guess something special happens when you kill al slayers at the first try.

    i would try to play the whole level to the end at the first try. you need about 30 red potions, 75 gold for the inn and sone blue potions.


  2. lol i already got owned my first try so maybe ill try to kill them all on my second :P

  3. The slayers are easy to kill they die with one bomb.

  4. On the new level grave digging to reach the end go down to the bottom then one to the right. The portal is under the 3rd grave across 2nd one down. This takes you straight to the crystal room. Kill the beetles near it to avoid buying a bomb.

  5. How many do you guys have in your party?

  6. I've got 6 - the max as far as I know.

  7. Ok. I haven't found any stars since the first forest. Where is the other one?

  8. There are 3 stars so far, giving you 6 characters. One's in the Ogre Forest - read through the blog for details on the star locations.

  9. That, OR you could use the search feature for the blog (right side) OR go check out the maps and find the starts @ http://picasaweb.google.com/adrian.mui/TapQuestMaps#